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【 composition 】 cellulose
【 character 】 white powder
【 content 】 99%
【 model 】 200 FCC, 900 FCC
【 specification 】 200 FCC--20 kg/bag, 900 FCC--according to the providing of suppliers

High quality cellulose from United States through advanced production processing,extracted from

1. product characteristics:
high dietary fiber: dietary fiber as high as 99%, zero calories, is reinforced fiber materials of variety of food products.

— oil/water combination products: combine with the liquid of food, such as water and fat, increase the stability and provide good food taste and uniform quality and structure.

anticaking agent: improve liquidity of powder dehydrated food, filamentous and granular cheese, and prevent agglomerative.

—  stabilize configuration: stabilize food structure in the food processing, increase the volume of products in baked goods, reduce volume contraction after baking.

— improve quality and structure: used in  semiliquids food such as sauce, improve the quality and structure of food, and provide unique quality and structure that diffrent from starch and glue.

2. nutrition function:
prevention and relieves constipation
reduce blood cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease
preventing large intestine cancer and lesions
— prevention of diverticulosis and hemorrhoids

promote the excretion of toxic chemicals
delay and inhibit the absorption of sugar
— assistant food of weight control

— reduce occurring of dental caries

3. widely used in frozen noodles and fish balls, sausage, stuffing, baked goods, jam products, health products.Increase dietary fiber, give new selling concept to product, meanwhile it can support structure, water and oil absorption, is the good substitutes of chemical substances such as emulsifier, thickening agent, water absorpting agent, quality modifieri and filler.

It is natural food material, tcould guarantee the quality and safety of product.