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The Psylliumr fiber is high quality dietary fiber that is imported from India which is the best Psylliumr producing area on the world.It is

a kind of pure natural botanical fiber sources,could be the sticy when absorbed water.

US food and drug administration (FDA) announced that Psylliumr soluble fiber can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in 1998.

【 composition 】 soluble fiber
character 】 powder, husk

【 content 】 85%
【 specification 】 20 kg/bag
1. product characteristics:
rich in high natural dietary fiber, the content of fiber is above 85%

water aborsptioncapacity is 50 times, could form to be gel, increase satiety
— natural psyllium taste and flavor

2. physiological function

natural aperient food: mimoisturizes intestines and defecation

prevent cardiovascular disease

maintaining intestine health: can be used to prevent/treat constipation or diarrhea

prevent Colon Cancer and other diseases  risk of the intestines and stomach Cancer

control weight: rich in soluble fiber, sevral times water absorption, increase satiety and lower the energy

diabetes-blood sugar control: helps to control blood sugar rises after meal, reduce insulin demand of diabetic patients

3. widely used in health products, also used in ice cream, jam, bread, cookies and other baking food, fast noodles, rice products, rice cakes and other food, Widely used in meal-substitution food products