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Sunfiber is high quality that extracted from  Guar bean seed by advanced technology of  Taiyo International. It has excellent physiological effect, being authenticated by FDA as the generally recognized as safe(GRAS) .
1.  product characteristics
— naturals oluble fiber, has obvious physiological effect
fiber content above 80%, far higher than other food fiber
nearly colorless, odorless, low viscosity, neutral, does not affect the flavor when it is added in the food.
low calories (0.2 kcal/g)
—  it is certificated to be safe through acute toxicity tests, subacute toxicity tests and the mutation test, restore mutations.
2.  physiological function:
improve the intestinal flora
improve constipation
improve develop diarrhea
prevent the small villi feel atrophy
lowering blood fat and cholesterol
promote the mineral absorption
improve sugar resistance ability
3. to improve quality
prevent moisture absorption: prevent moisture absorption and agglomerate of soup blend for readily absorbing moisture,meanwhile avoid the

the precipitation and sticky of fat, improve the liquidityof soup blend.
prevent adhesion: prevent the adhesion between the noodles, make the noodles brighter.
improve after-taste of artificial sweetener: cover the artificial sweetener, reduce the bitter taste.
improve the product structure:keep the plant butter bubbles of stability
and improving taste: make the cake light and crisp,thaw easily

4. widely used in health products, beverage, dairy products, soup and enriched dietary fiber products.