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Water-soluble dietary fiber—Fibersol-2

【 composition 】 Soluble dietary fiber
【 character 】 white powder
【 content 】 90%-95% fiber
【 model 】 Fibersol-2
【 specification 】 20 kg/bag
Fibersol-2 is high quality dietary fiber, extract high quality soluble dietary cellulose from corn starch through advanced special process, get the "public safety and health food (GRAS)" of FDA and Japan authentication of "specific health with a food" .
1. product characteristics
natural plants as raw materials, has obvious physiology function effect

— can promote mineral absorption, be very safe
low calories, could be used together with high sweet raw material

low viscosity, high precision, easy to be used in various food processing and application
very good stability, which can be applied to all kinds of food

obvious embedding effect
not only does not affect the original flavor of food, but also do not change the physical properties of cold-storage, frozen and microwave food
— make pelleting products own more higher solubility and fluidity

2 Physiological function

adjusting the intestinal function: improve constipation and diarrhea
slow down the rise of blood glucose after meal, reduce the illness risk of diabetes
— lower cholesterol: reduce the pothogenesy risk of heart and cerebrovascular disease
improve neutral fat metabolism: slow down the rise of neutral fat after meal, prohibit the accumulation of body fat.

3. widely used in health food products, beverage, dairy products and other enriched dietary fiber food.