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Milk Mineral —— CAPOLAC? MM-0525 BG

CAPOLAC? MM-0525 BG is in natural existence of the milk calcium through the touch technology separation of concentrated get rich in calcium food raw material. The product mainly by the calcium and phosphorus of the elements, and calcium phosphate than about 2:1, also contains magnesium, zinc and other trace elements, and small amounts of protein, fat and lactose.

Milk mineral advantage:

- From milk separation, the natural, safety, natural milk fragrance more easily to be consumers to accept

- To stimulate intestines and stomach is small, can be effective absorption and utilization of human body

- And the composition of the human skeleton teeth close to, reasonable of calcium phosphate than make repair calcium effect is   better

- Repair calcium effect not reversed, increase in bone mineral density even if stop added milk mineral salt three years later still keep, and inorganic calcium   supplement increase since the stop bone   mineral density will gradually disappear.

Product application:

-  Strengthen minerals such as iron and zinc calcium nutrition health products

-  Dairy products, if milk formula milk students high calcium low fat milk products, etc

-  Child nutrition food, such as baby nutrition rice noodles high calcium nutrition oatmeal cookies

- Bean products, such as high calcium soy bean curd calcium

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