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Casein Hydrolysate —— LACPRODAN ? DI-2021

LACPRODAN ? DI-2021 is a spray-dried peptide powder,manufactured from Danish milk proteins through a carefully controlled enzymatichydrolysis process followed by devittering and concentration. It contains highamounts of casein phosphor peptides, known to enhance the solubility of calciumminerals and other trace elements(Zn, Fe), thereby enhancing the uptake in the digestive tract.

Product Characteristics:

- CPP is believed to inhibit the formation of insoluble calcium phosphates (salts) in the intestine

- Enhances Ca, Zn, and Fe absorption by forming a CPP- mineral complex in the intestines

- CPP can promote the small intestine calcium passive diffusion and absorption, the absorption from age and VD change.

- CPP from milk proteins, not on human body to produce any side effects.

Product application:

- Strengthen minerals such as iron and zinc calcium nutrition health products

- Dairy products, if milk formula milk students high calcium low fat milk products, etc

- Child nutrition food, such as baby nutrition rice noodles high calcium nutrition oatmeal cookies

- Bean products, such as high calcium soy bean curd calcium

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