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Wheat Dietary fiber

【 composition 】 Wheat Dietary fiber
【 character 】  White powder
【 content 】 87%

【model 】 NWF100, NWF200
【 specification 】 NWF100 20 kg/bag, NWF200 10kg/bag
1. Product Characteristics:

  • dietary fiber content of more than 87%
  • neutral taste and flavor
  • unique three-dimentional net structure and capillary effect
  • high water absotption and swelling
  • inertia,be stable  even at high tempreture

2. Nutrition Function:
— prevents and relieves constipation
— reduce blood cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease
— preventing large intestine cancer and lesions
— prevention of d diverticulosis and hemorrhoids

— promote the excretion of toxic chemicals
—  delay and inhibit the absorption of sugar
— as the auxiliary agent of weight control products

— reduce the dental caries (tooth decay) incidence rate

3.  Application: could used in frozen noodles, sausage, baking class, health food, give  new selling concept of  increasing dietary fiber to products for customers, at the same time it can support products structure, water and oil absoption, can be used as emulsifier, thickening agent, water conservation agent, quality improver, filling agent. it is natural food raw material, could guarantee the quality and safety of product.